Happy Year One, Overwatch!


First and foremost, it’s been 1 year. Yes, Overwatch is 1 year old!

This is a special feature article by you. Yes, YOU! I have consolidated your thoughts about Overwatch over the course of its first year.

I have asked 2 Overwatch Facebook communities, namely Overwatch Singapore and Blackwatch, to contribute their thoughts on their game of the year.

I asked all of you to create a sentence starting with “Overwatch means…” and here is what you have to say.

..I need healing. – CurryReimu#1808

…the amount of updates are mada mada – Galaxik#1255

…means no Hanzo pl0x – Ryan Tan

…cancer – Davin Ng

…to me as the best way to kill 20 minutes than realising you’ve wasted an entire day. – Gerald Chan

…serious business – Jeremy Hu

…supports are to heal allies, not to get blame by allies – iNyx

…having fun and helpping one another! – JohnGalt

…having fun and win together as a team and not blaming each other especially the support when the team loses – HanQianG#11387

Overwatch is love, Overwatch is life – xKinnyx

…challenging yourself to reach greater heights and allowing yourself to learn (~: – Taara Kumar

Overwatch is Sauce. – BigSchlongMcDongLong

Overwatch is the reason I have nightmares. – LilMunchkin

…I hardly ever sleep anymore. – Phyrereii

…gayming. – Hani Hamshari

…disaster in competitive play. – Corey972

…playing with your clan – Ayman2803

…Adrenaline. – Akuro

…camaraderie, passion and team work. – Cassandra Michele

Overwatch was a mistake – Clarckthebob (PSN)


…unity and perseverance. – Stay_Raged (PSN)

…”cheers love, the cavalry’s here!” – Froyder#6844

…all night, no sleep, no study, play all day (yet I need to study) – Yanique Grant

…don’t shoot when someone says ‘Hello!’ to you. – ShinyChibi

…a room temperature cheese Danish – John Paul Steffen

…searching for a game for hours and only when you really need a poo, a match will be found – Jizzus

…the main reason I failed some courses last semester – Sunride#1324

…to me going up against all odds yet still managing to pull out a win. Somehow. – thestig2108 (XBL)

…watching over someone in the midst of a Deadly Battle. – xDeaDp00lSLasHx (XBL)

…honor and glory! – Bushidou Brown/BootyWarrior#1216

 …Hanzo pls switch I need healing – mintunxd

…everything can be hacked… And everyone. Boop – captain_clown34 (PSN), kngaroo_ (PSN)

…changing when necessary, changing for the team, and changing for the better. – kngaroo_ (PSN)

…I spent my money and only now see the value – Teranox

 – Dom Reynoldo

…to keep hope, to believe in oneself even in the direst of situations, and to be the hero that the payload needs. – Amberley Moore

…Waifuwatch – N00bKefka

…anything and everything. Everything is possible. Whether it’s talking animals or a 0-2 comeback. – Brandon Germain

…distracting myself from pain (from my genetic condition) by teaming with friends for game domination lol. – shiniuk (PSN)

…an escape route from work and duty. – Venenakki

…everything to me. It’s a game of teamwork and skill, and my wife plays it with me which only strengthens our relationship. – FamineWolf1337 (PSN)

…everyone needs healing – Kristi#11522

…a bunch of misfits and freaks! – Poe_17 (PSN)

…a good return to classic heroic stories with a new world/lore to explore. It’s helped me feel good about watching classic tropes play out in that familiar futuristic sci-fi setting from old cartoons. Feels great to play it with friends as a time sink. – Ben Chong

…if you pick Reinhardt. Make Sure you Seen Plently of Fighting Games to Use Him Correctly – Saizo_Sakata

…I get to take a break from the real world and immerse myself in one that is much more interesting – britonro#1960

…family time in our household. Coming together and playing a fun game that requires communication and focus. I’ve really bonded better with my boyfriend and his brother and that is why I’m thankful for Overwatch. – Kyrarara24 (PSN)

…a lot to me it was a friend, a brother, and someone I could talk to. I’ve met tons of great people in the Overwatch community and even bad people but I saw something that we’re similar in we love the game. Overwatch was the 2nd most greatest thing that have came into my life it Changed me. – NikoruRosal

…hope and unity. To come together for a single objective… and capture it, and win! Overwatch got me through many obstacles in life, taught me so much… Gave me new friends! Overwatch is a lifesaver, and I can’t really say I don’t love it, because I’d be lying to myself! Overwatch means freedom! -Dm0catz (PS4)

…for me leave the life problems and other people. – Enzo Nervino

…adapting to what is needed, rather than what is wanted – Lone_Foxx

…Teamwork, Outplay, Waifus, And need healing memes – TheNightFear#2664

…I probably failed my English essay today – Kobe Edwards

…glory and the hard work that lead to the glory and shining victory or crushing loss – Velyt Thoorgaan

…being stuck in bronze for an entire year – Bloodrace

…never accepting the world as it appears to be, but daring to see it for what it could be.
It also means git gud or stay in silver – dankperry#1379

Once again, Happy Year One, heroes!

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  1. It’s such a good idea to make a post about Overwatch like this, it makes me realize the extent of the Overwatch community. Together we could probably pay off the canadian debt. I want to see more posts like this!