Rowell Tavern Hero Qualifier


Are you ready for another Tavern Hero Qualifier? Want to represent Singapore in the Tavern Hero Championship? We are next heading to Rowell for another day of card-slinging action!

General Details

  • Date: 23rd April 2017 (Sunday)
  • Time: 11am – 6pm (Registration will Commence at 11am and End at 11.45am) (GMT +8)
  • Venue: Rowell Video PTE LTD
  • Participants: 64 (First 64 Players to Complete Both Physical and Online Registrations)
  • Server: Americas
  • Match Format: Best-of-5 4 Hero 1 Ban Conquest Mode
  • Tournament Format: Single Elimination
  • Registration Fee: Free
  • Registration Link: Click >> HERE! <<
  • Discord Channel: Click >> HERE! <<
  • Note: This is primarily a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) event.


  • 1st: Qualify for Tavern Hero Championship

Schedule (Based on a 64 Men Bracket)

  • Day 1
    • 11am – 12pm: Registration
    • 12pm – 1pm: Round of 64
    • 1pm – 2pm: Round of 32
    • 2pm – 3pm: Round of 16
    • 3pm – 4pm: Quarter-Finals
    • 4pm – 5pm: Semi-Finals
    • 5pm – 6pm: Finals
    • 6pm – 7pm: Buffer


  •  General
    • Deck Lock (Players are to use the four classes and decklists, that they have declared during registration, for the entire tournament).
    • Taking of screenshots is advised for the settlement of disputes; players are advised to use the time-stamp at the bottom-left corner of the game screen to assist them.
    • No backseat gaming is allowed in the tournament.
    • Players are to cross out the option to allow their friends to spectate their games.
    • A match loss is defined as a one deck victory for the opponent while a series loss is defined as a three decks victory for the opponent.
    • Players found infringing the rules may either be given a warning or expulsion from the tournament. Subsequent infringements will increase the possibility of expulsion.
    • Players are to ensure that their decks are ready before the start of the tournament.
    • Decklists will be revealed before the start of the tournament and after the closure of registration.
    • The Chief Marshal will have the final decision in all matters.
  • Gameplay
    • A match must start within five minutes once both players are ready; the offending player will be given a match loss.
    • A player will be given a match win if his opponent is late by five minutes, and a round win if his opponent is late by 20 minutes.
    • Players are to verify for themselves that their opponents are playing the correct decks and classes.
    • If players begin a match with a deck that they are not allowed to use, they will be given a match loss.
  • Tie
    • The match will be replayed with the same classes.
  • Sportsmanship
    • Any racist or insulting comments will result in a match loss.
    • Players should not guilt-trip their opponents if they disconnect, and their opponents choose to take the match win.
  • Disconnection
    • A match win will be awarded to the opponent of the disconnected player.
    • An option of restarting the match is available if both players agree to it. (Refer to ‘Sportsmanship’ above.)

Series Rules

  • Best-of-5 (first to three wins).
  • Players are expected to verify for themselves that their opponent is playing one of their selected classes. In the event that your opponent is not playing any of their selected classes, do call a marshal to arbitrate.
  • The winning player will use a different class – once a class has won, it is no longer playable for the rest of the series. The losing player can continue to use any class that has not yet won in the series.
  • After each series, inform the marshal of the results.

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Image Credits

  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Leonard Teo (LeoTeo)