Overwatch Singapore Tournament: Review


Overwatch Singapore Tournament

What was it

A local tournament brought to you by Logitech G, the Overwatch Singapore Tournament held 2 online qualifiers over 2 weekends, and the Top 8 qualifers battled it out at Gam3.Asia yesterday. Organized by Zenway Productions, there were over 100 live audiences who witnessed the fight between the teams for 12 hours.

courtesy of Zenway Productions

That was not all! Everyone who attended was given door gifts. There was also a photo booth contest as well as prediction contest to keep the folks entertained and get some lucky draw prizes. Swag for all!

The Brackets

Qualifier 1 was held on 25-26 February 2017, and Qualifier 2 was held on 18-19 March 2017. The top 8 teams competed offline at Gam3.Asia and finally crowned a champion on 1st April 2017. All the VODs are found here.

The Teams and the Players

The top 8 teams composed of veteran players with high skill level, as well as up and coming talented new players. Each team has a star player that wowed the crowded with their prowess.

Elvellon: Vips has been pivotal with his Soldier 76 and Tracer plays. He was hard to control and shut down with his superior jukes and positioning.

Avalon.Hexa: Kippani was phenominal with his Mercy, which was a hero not picked often compared to his counterparts. He pulled several 5-man resurrects during the course of the finals and brought his team back from crisis after crisis.

Chaostheory.Orion: Owl on his signature Genji was a chef who often cuts up his opponent’s support players as his core ingredient to make delicious plays.

Avalon.Tempo: Supernayr was precise with his hitscan heroes, which caught his enemies unaware and dead before they knew it.

Imaginary Friends: Mitch‘s Tracer was doing so much work for the team, constantly scattering the backlines and dealing major damage to his opponents.

AngelaBaby: Patootie was an insane DPS flex, from slicing opponents like fishcakes on the Genji, to cold-bloodedly assassinating his targets with his Widowmaker.

No Use Talking: Twilights has been outstanding with his Winston and Reinhardt plays, making clutch moves that help secure objectives for his team.

UnEstablished.Junior: Fearless is not your average Lucio player. His boops made everyone cheer as he sends his opponents off buildings and cliffs. And also watched them helplessly fall.

The Matches

Courtesy of Zenway Productions

Many matches were extremely close, and many control map games were brought to 5 games. Everyone was fighting so hard and there were awesome plays made by every player and every team. Here are the honorable mentions.

Chaostheory.Orion has performed well despite the loss during the quarter finals. Their opponents had a hard time shutting down Owl and the team compliments his strength to pull through to the top 8.

Angela Baby is basically a team of friends; they brought in the element of fun to the games. However, they have shown how serious they can become when pitting themselves against the other top tier teams with their superb individual skills.

UnEstablished.Junior is made up of young but extremely talented players with veterans guiding them. Despite being greenhorns to competitive Overwatch, they managed tear down many teams and got into the grand finals.

Avalon.Tempo has once again shown everyone how champions rock the ground. These veteran competitive players have proved themselves they can hold themselves firmly even when they lose a set, and focus on what they can do best as a team. Each individual player has pulled their weight, and even brought surprises like Hanzo and Widowmaker double sniper combo.


Courtesy of Zenway Productions

Thank you Logitech G for the awesome tournament and prizes! It was a great initiative by them to create an event to increase the awareness of local eSports.

Kudos to Zenway Productions for the organization and production of the entire tournament and Gam3.Asia for great eSports event place!

Shoutouts to Sodafiz, JaegerTsuki and Teddypay for the amazing cast throughout entire the tournament. They worked hard to bring you play-by-play commentary and analysis to keep us entertained! And also not forgetting our host Lorec for keeping us hyped and giving out awesome loot from the sponsors!

Lastly but surely not the least, the players and the community that came together made all these possible to happen. With this, eSports will grow and so will our community!

Featured image by Zenway Productions