Patch 1.8.0 & Orisa: Quick Review


It has been a week since the Patch 1.8.0 hit the live servers and introduced Orisa on the PTR. Let us round it up!

Game servers

If you are an old school Counter Strike player or a Dota player, game server are something you should be happy about. Game servers are basically custom games with any settings and for people to join either open rooms or password protected rooms. It is like how currently Dota 2 is doing with the arcade. People can customise game modes to play Overwatch in many ways. It is a good addition and as Jeff the overlord says, the dev team wants to see the creativity in the community.

Season 4

The new patch also marks the new season. Now players above 3000 skill rating need to play at least 7 games a week to avoid decay. Season 4 is worked on to prevent “Late Night Stacks” to matchmake against much weaker players to climb the ladder, as well as a even win rate on either side. A further breakdown with Scott Mercer, the Principal Designer for Overwatch, is here.

Capture the flag

The new Capture The Flag mode is now in all control maps! You can now hang out in Ilios during sunset, or at Ljiang Tower in the bright day, enjoying different time of the day on different maps.

Bastion 3.0

This is the 3rd Bastion rework since the Alpha stages of Overwatch.

With the cooldown of Reconfiguration reduced to 1.0 seconds from 1.5 seconds, Bastion is now able to Sentry-to-Recon and Recon-to-Sentry rather quickly now. With the aid of Self-healing while moving, these 2 combined mechanics can help Bastion get out of dire situations, like Mei’s Blizzard or Hanzo’s Dragonstrike, much easier and faster.

In addition to that, his magazine size is also increased, bullet spread increased by 50%, and also he no longer deals critical damage.

Other character changes

Mercy has got something huge in this patch as well. She is now invulnerable while resurrecting, along with her resurrected teamates, for a short duration. Say hello to guaranteed Mercy resurrections, and goodbye to dying right after resurrections.

Roadhog has been nerfed a tad, decreasing his bullet spread, increasing the distance between him and his hooked target and increasing the cooldown of Chain Hook.

Targetable Mei, Defense Matrix fix, and additional abilities sensitivity options for heroes are also added to enhance player experiences in this patch.

New hero announced and in PTR, Orisa

Orisa is the new addition to the Heroes of Overwatch. You see, most of the heroes have a little history of their own, Orisa, however, is quite similar to a newborn baby in the Overwatch cast. Her addition to the tank pool will open up more strategies alongside with the veteran heroes.

Her Kit

Primary Fire: Fusion Driver

Fusion Driver is her Primary fire, dealing sustained damage but her movement speed is slowed during firing. Her reload speed is rather slow as well, but her fire range is the furthest among all tanks.

Alternate Fire: Halt!

Often being described as a mini-Graviton Surge, this projectile that is fired can be reactivated at any time within its distance to pull enemies together and slowing them. It is great for gathering enemies together for teammates to follow up, or disabling them, allowing your dying teammates to escape.


Fortify is a temporary shield that reduces her damage taken by 50%, at the same time she is also immune to any crowd control abilities for 4 seconds. Sorry Pharah, you are not going to knock her off the Lijiang bridges that easily.

Protective Barrier

She fires the 900-health shield as a form of projectile at her targeted location that lasts for 20 seconds or until destroyed. It is a nice bubble to hide behind during heavy fire team fights, and can be also used as a disengagement tool to stop enemy fire, protecting your teammates from a distance.

Ultimate: Supercharger

Supercharger is a 200-health deployable device that boosts her allies’ damage by 50% in the line of sight within 25-meter radius. Some may refer it to a Mercy-charger, because it does something similar to Mercy’s damage boost, but to multiple people. It is destroyable; as an Orisa player, it’s best to hide the Supercharger behind the sights of your enemies and in sight of your allies. If you are playing against an Orisa, a flanker should target the Supercharger ASAP at the backlines.

That sums up the recent Overwatch quick Patch news. Good luck in the new Season have fun unleashing your creativity in the Game Servers feature!

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