Ben Brode Rap: Best Remixes


Reddit did it again! It started with a petition for Ben Brode to sing a song because there was no musical trailer for the Un’Goro expansion.
Ben Brode Rap

The post got more than 7000 upvotes and got noticed by Ben Brode himself. The next day, we saw this on Reddit.

Ben Brode made a rap himself, and made history by becoming the most upvoted thread on Hearthstone Reddit. It’s a pity that Silfer did not manage to collect his Reddit Karma this time.

The community immediately responded with their remix of his rap. These are our top 3 remix.

Capitalism feat Ben Brode – Journey To Un’Goro (We Are Number One Remix)

Ben Brode – Un’goro The Journey – Remixed *Blizz Khalifa*

Epix Sax Guy x The Journey

While there have been complaints of a stale meta, Ben Brode definitely got us excited for the upcoming expansion. Things have been changing for the better (more engagement with the community) ever since he took on the role as Game Director. Way to go Ben Brode HAHAHAHAHA!

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