Interview with WESG Champion Staz


A couple of days ago,  Euneil “Staz” Javiñas from the Philippines, representing PH Alliance, won the WESG Tournament in China! The tournament was not easy as he had to beat many strong players such as Orange and bunnyhoppor in order to bring the $200,000+SGD prize and the tournament trophy home!

5th place for the top Hearthstone earners. Source:

With this victory, Staz parachuted to the Top 10 highest earners for Hearthstone. This is the first time a SEA player took first in a major tournament, ending the region’s curse since Hearthstone’s inception.

We managed to get an interview from the man himself telling us a little bit about himself,what his experience during the tournament was like and how he prepared for it!

Euniel “Staz” Javiñas during the WESG tournament

 So how did you get into esports and gaming in general?

I’ve been playing computer games since I was around 10 years old. I really enjoyed it since then. I had enough time after I finished my studies so I decided to try playing (Hearthstone) competitively.

Being up on stage and collecting your trophy after beating the famous Hearthstone personality Orange, what was the first thing that came into your mind?

I was thinking of whether I made any huge misplay and if I really deserved the win. But overall I think I did great and I’m really happy for myself!

How did you prepare for such a huge tournament?

I play on ladder, get ideas from the internet, check the matchups, winrate and statistics of decks, predict the tournament meta and scrim and strategize with my teammate PHA Pompi!

4. What did you feel contributed the most to your recent success in the WESG tournament?

I think it was my lineup choice and build. I made my lineup decent against everything and did not focus on countering specific matchups, I believe it is much more consistent this way!

Who did you look forward to playing against the most in this tournament?

I consider every one of them as strong competitors, I wanted to play against everyone!

Which deck did you feel the most confident in during the tournament?

I’m confident with all of my decks, I practiced a lot with all of them!

Who was your toughest opponent during the tournament? And why?

The toughest would be Orange. I did not expect anyone to bring a lineup like his, so I was not prepared to play against him.

Staz holding the WESG tournament trophy after beating Orange in the WESG 2016 Grand Finals

Which type of deck do you prefer more in this meta, a deck that runs Patches(Aggro/Midrange) or a deck that runs Kazakus(Reno)?

Patches and Kazakus decks are equally good in my opinion, I use both of them!

Have you played any games competitively before Hearthstone? (If yes) Which game is it?

Hearthstone is my first competitive game!

How did your parents react to your involvement in competitive esports?

At first they want me use my degree to get a job, but after they’ve seen my success in esports they eventually became very supportive of it.

If you have to choose one card only to remain in the standard format from LoE, TGT and BRM? What card will it be?

I like Emperor Thaurissan because it enables so many combos which makes the game more interesting!


Congratulations Staz! We hope to see more SEA representatives on the global stage and bring glory to the region.

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