CN vs NA Championship: China draws first blood



CN vs NA ChampionshipAfter 2 days of intense battles in the CN vs NA Championship, China emerged victorious over America with a scoreline of 5-3. This means that the team of 5 from China will take home the prize pool of 150,000RMB for Round 1.


Dog 0:3 LvGe
Fr0zen 0:3 LvGe
Cydonia 3:1 LvGe
Cydonia 0:3 Jasonzhou
Chakki 3:0 Jasonzhou
Chakki 2:3 XHope
Reynad 3:1 XHope
Reynad 0:3 Lovelychook

Deck Breakdown:

It seems that Miracle Rogue remains to the most popular tournament deck, as represented at the high legend ladder ranks. As usual, we don’t see any representation from Hunter after the MSOG expansion. Chinese player LvGe brought an interesting choice of Anyfin Paladin, which is an off-meta deck at the home. LvGe did not falter and brought down 2 NA players from the start – giving China a huge lead right off the bat.

The 2 teams will meet again today for Round 2, and the format this time round is 4 ban 1, Last Hero Standing format. Find out more about the formats here. We shall see if NA can make the necessary revisions in their decks to counter the Chinese.

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