Overwatch Map Guide: Oasis



Oasis is the newest control map for Overmatch, with three different stages, City Centre, University, and Gardens.

These stages all share two common traits: low ground areas and tight, enclosed areas suitable for close quarters combat. Some areas are lower than the Control Point, opening unique pathing strategies for teams contesting the points.

City Centre

Overwatch Oasis Map Guide

This is the second map in Overwatch that features a jump pad, the first one being Lucioball during the Summer Games 2016 event. It is also the first map in the game that has a non-cliff environmental hazard: passing traffic. Please refrain from intentionally getting into car accidents.

The control point has several small entrances, with tricky line-of-sight (LoS) paths to the point. The jump pad opens up strategies and high ground control, as well as surprise attacks due to a large amount of obstruction and chokepoints on the low ground.

Heroes that perform well:

  • Mccree – Surprise Deadeye from the jump pad is effective and a fancy way to get Play of the Game. The large amount of close quarters combat allows a fast ultimate charge rate.
  • Pharah – She can apply a lot of pressure with her huge collateral damage at choke points. There are also many spots for her to hide which offer LoS to her opponents on the Hut and the Top T.
  • Mercy – Best paired with Pharah, this dynamic duo has a huge advantage with so much cover from the structures around them to perch on, before moving up to the sky to threaten opponents with aerial assaults.
  • Symmetra – See that play room in the middle? Yes, that’s where she thrives as it’s easy to charge her ultimate. There are many good locations to hide her Shield Generator or Teleporter as well. Generally an annoyance with many places for her to set up her sentries.
  • Reinhardt – His good ol’ rectangular shield can amply cover choke points to provide great cover for your teammates.
  • D.va – Another hero that benefits from perching on the Top T and Hut, a “Nerf this” surprise from the jump pad is also highly effective.


Overwatch Oasis Map Guide

The point is simply designed, with an outer plaza complete with a tower that is not shown here.

The major LoS zones are the tunnels, low pass and the main control point itself. You can juke bullets by doing a Bollywood dance around the center pillar on the Main area. There is a perch on top of the entrance, so watch out for heroes who can reach there.

There is a little trick where you can stand on the Top T area just above the Main area to contest or capture the point. Despite it being the highest point in the area, it is low enough to count as being on the objective. *Updated* You can no longer do so because it has been patched to fix the issue.

Heroes that perform well:

Genji – The sneaky ninja can harass and poke well from the Top T. He can also roleplay a flying cockroach with lots of high walls either to ambush from or use to escape. Surprise your enemies by launching out from the Low Pass.

Tracer – Zipping around the Low Pass and flanking from the passage is a really good way to distract and backstab though you will usually run into the opposing flanker in the Low Pass.

Lucio – He can easily push enemies off the map in the Low Pass as an anti-flanking tactic. The Main area is a wall riding haven and the Top T can be easily reached without taking the stairs. His Sound Barrier can be quickly charged as this is a small, fast paced map with lots of close quarters combat.

Zenyatta – He can easily pick off enemies using peek-a-boo Orb Volleys while taking cover behind the pillars.

Reinhardt – The champion of our ‘hardts’ never fails, not even on this point! Shield the entrances and tunnels to create openings for your team. If you take the effort to climb the stairs, you can even pull off a surprise “Hammer Down” from the Top T.

D.va – A good choice overall, she can push people off the map and the enclosed spaces allows her to easily secure self-destruct kills. She can also secure/contest the point from the Top T while shooting down at the enemies below.


Overwatch Oasis Map Guide

Unlike the Well map in Ilios, the hole in the middle does not cause you to fall to death, instead leading to an enclosed underground area which you can burrow out from and catch people off-guard. This is personally my favourite point, because the slope reminds me of the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon from World of Warcraft. The enclosed Low Pass and tunnel will see flankers duelling while the main point is being contested.

The Slope and Perch offer high ground control right over the control point but beware of falling to your death there.

With many different covered areas leading to the Main control point, map awareness is crucial.

Heroes that perform well:

Genji – The many walls and pillars offer excellent cover and ambush points from which Genji can annoy. The small space of the Main control point allows only close quarters combat and a surprise Dragonblade from the hole can be especially effective.

Sombra – She can hack the health packs near the Main control point in the Tunnel, Low Pass and inside the Hole. The small map makes her ability to see low health opponents through walls extremely useful. The Hole also offers good synergy with her translocate, allowing quick ambushes or getaways. 

Lucio – The open environmental hazard near the Slope and Perch makes his “Push Off” extremely potent. He’s is the University’s principal simply because he can immediately expel his students from the map. 

Roadhog – His hook makes effective use of the environmental hazard here similarly to Ilios. Though the Hole is non-lethal, he can take heroes with no vertical mobility out of teamfights in major clashes.

Zarya – She is the best-with-anyone hero. No exception here. And because of all the small spaces in the map, there is always room for big plays with her Graviton Surge.

Ending Notes

As with all new maps, please form the habit of trying the map out in Quick Play or Arcade before going into Competitive Play. I hope you find this guide useful!

Feel free to comment below if there are any other tips you want to give to your fellow players!

Written By: Cheryl Yong (Froyder)

Edited by: Clarence Lim (xNVx) and Yata