CN vs NA Championship 2017


CN vs NA Championship 2017Jointly organized by Blizzard and Netease, the Hearthstone CN vs NA Championship will be held from January 16 to January 22 in Shanghai. After nearly a year, the players from NA and China will gather to battle for a prize pool of 600,000RMB (~$87,000USD).

The CN vs NA Championship will follow a team format of 5v5 All-Kill. Both sides will send 5 players to represent their region, and each team will play each other for 3 rounds.

*Update: Round 1 results here

First Round

January 16 and 17, 18:00 hours
4 Ban 1, Standard Conquest Format
Winner of First Round takes home 150,000RMB

Second Round

January 18 and 19, 18:00 hours
4 Ban 1, Last Hero Standing Format
Winner of Second Round takes home 150,000RMB

Third Round

January 21 and 22, 18:00 hours
5 Ban 1, Standard Conquest Format
Winner of Third Round takes home 300,000RMB

On top of the prize pool, the tournament added a new element to the format this year. Players who managed to win 2 or more opponents in the same round will receive cash prize of 5,000RMB to 50,000RMB. The organizers believe that this will bring about a fresh experience for Hearthstone lovers.

Representing NA:






Chakki: Dreamhack Austin Champion
Cydonia: Hearthstone World Championships Top 8 Finalist
Dog: Inventor of the shirtless stream
Fr0zen: Dreamhack Summer 2nd (Dude who brought priest to Blizzcon before Hamster)
Reynad: The man who invented hearthstone, zoolock and has the better meta snapshot according to his recent video

Representing CN:

Jasonzhou + 4 semi finalists from “Hearthstone Gold Series”

All the matches will be broadcasted live on Gold Series official website as well as on the Blizzard Channel.

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