Team Abyssus Malaysia Major Deck Guide – AnyFinja Paladin


Hey everyone, ThePandorica here and this is the AnyFinja Paladin decklist I made which helped out xNVx and Sequinox to attain a top 3 and a top 16 finish for the Hearthstone Malaysia Major last weekend. This deck, just like all the other decks in our lineup, was created with the intention of being able to beat Jade Druid, Dragon Priest and Renolock.

Finja Anyfin Paladin

AnyFinja Paladin

Explanation of cards

Forbidden Healing x1 : Flexible healing card, you can never not run at least 1 copy. Since we were aiming to beat Jade Druids, Dragon Priests and Renolocks while banning any aggressive decks in our way, we decided to cut 1 copy of it as it can sometimes be quite a dead card against the decks we were targeting.

Bloodmage Thalnos : Do not be afraid to play down Bloodmage Thalnos without using its Spell Damage +1 effect.  More often than not, Bloodmage Thalnos is simply a 3rd Loot Hoarder. However, against certain decks like Mid Range Shaman, Bloodmage Thalnos + Consecration for 3 damage can be quite a good board clear against pesky 3 health minions such as Tunnel Troggs and Flametongue or Mana Tide Totems.

Bluegill Warrior x2 : Used for early game removal for 2 damage or 4-6 damage if used with Warleaders. Can be re-summoned with Anyfin Can Happen in the late game.

Doomsayer x2 :  Can be used to regain tempo early in the game or to force a turn out of your opponent after you use Wild Pyromancer + Equality to set up a clean Anyfin Can Happen. Choosing when to Doomsayer can be game deciding.

Equality x2 : One of the most important cards in the deck as you can remove all pressure on you in one shot. Can be used together with either Wild Pyromancer or Consecration for a full board clear. You should always try and be greedy with this card as you have only 2 shots with it.

Loot Hoarder x2 : Cheap card draw that can contest the board early or apply pressure against Renolock.

Wild Pyromancer x2 : Can be used with Equality for a full board clear, Consecration for 3 damage or just with any spell for a 1 damage AOE. With Acolyte of Pain on the board, the 1 damage AOE can be used to draw cards as well.

Acolyte of Pain x1 : Card draw. Can be used with Wild Pyromancer procs and Aldor Peacekeeper for more than 1 draw. We only run 1 copy as it being costed 3 makes it not very flexible if you want to draw + do something else on your turn.

Aldor Peacekeeper x2 : Used to relief pressure by making a high threat minion only have 1 attack. Can also be used as a “heal” if you are swinging your weapon into a minion by Aldor-ing it. Other than that, can be used with Acolyte of Pain for card draw.

Murloc Warleader x2 : Can simply be played when you have extra mana for a body. Playing this with a Bluegill Warrior allows for a 4 damage charger for removal or for more pressure. Can be re-summoned with Anyfin Can Happen in the late game.

Consecration x2 : Useful for clearing the board. It is fine to use it alone or with the other combo pieces stated above.

Truesilver Champion x2 : Mostly used for removal or to set a minion’s health total low for Finja, the Flying Star to kill. Can also be used for immediate healing for 2 if the situation is dire.

Finja, the Flying Star : The star of the deck (heh). Since it has stealth, you can always almost guarantee it’s effect activating. Do not be afraid of letting go of cards like Consecration or even Equality if it means that you can activate Finja’s ability immediately as it’s effect is too strong to pass up. Coining Finja on 4 even when you do not have a good curve is perfectly fine as the tempo swing generated from Finja can immediately win you the game. Though it makes your Anyfins a whole lot worse, the consistency of “searching” and playing your Murlocs for free is too good to give up. If you can play Finja, the Flying Star on turn 5 and activate it’s ability, you can almost always win the game from there.

Solemn Vigil x2 : More card draw.  If you have excess mana and can play this card, you should always do it. Can be used for 0 mana if your board clear kills 5 or more minions. Do remember that Wild Pyromancer + Equality does kill off Wild Pyromancer as well so it does make Solemn Vigil cheaper.

Ivory Knight x2 : Solid midrange minion with a bit of healing. Can be used to grab important board clears when needed or even a 3rd Anyfin can Happen for 10 healing and another huge wave of Murlocs.

Ivory Knight pulling a 3rd Anyfin can Happen which seals the game for xNVx in a tight game versus NaviOOT

Ivory Knight pulling a 3rd Anyfin can Happen which seals the game for xNVx in a tight game versus NaviOOT!

Eadric the Pure : Just like Aldor Peacekeeper, Eadric is used for relieving pressure. This card is ridiculous against board dependent decks such as Jade Druid & Dragon Priest.

Ragnaros, Lightlord : High level threat while having immediate healing. Can even be used to heal your minions to create a stronger board presence.

Anyfin Can Happen x2 : The win condition of the deck. The 1st Anyfin will most likely be used for a board clear or if after a Doomsayer proc, a crap ton of pressure for the opponent. If you can line up 2 Anyfins back to back over 2 turns, you should easily have the game. Do be weary that Anyfin Can Happen can no longer OTK if Finja is dead, so push for a 2 turn lethal if you have to.

General game plan

You want to be constantly clearing the board with your minions/ weapons/ board clears while cycling through your deck to find your murlocs. Once you feel that enough murlocs have died, go for an Anyfin can Happen to clear the board/ apply pressure and you should be able to finish your opponent off by the 2nd Anyfin can Happen.


As player 1 : Bloodmage Thalnos, Loot Hoarders, Doomsayers, Acolyte of Pain, Finja, the Flying Star

As player 2 : Bloodmage Thalnos, Loot Hoarders, Doomsayers, Acolyte of Pain, Finja, the Flying Star

This is the general mulligan strategy, I will go through specific mulligans per matchup in the matchups section below. In general, you are looking for card draw and ways to relieve early board pressure.


Jade Druid : Good matchup. You can throw away Doomsayers. In this matchup, just follow the general game plan and you should do well. Be greedy with Eadric the Pure & your full board clears as Druids can easily flood the board with high level threats. Playing Doomsayer(s) the turn you clear the board and following it up with Anyfin can Happen is how you win the matchup  as it gives you huge board pressure and initiative which Druids tend to not be able to deal with.

Token Druid : Good matcup. Keep Wild Pyromaner/ Equality. If you are able to clear their wave of minions on turn 5/6, you should easily win this matchup. Keeping Wild Pyromancer/ Equality will help with this game plan.

Freeze Mage : Horrible matchup, Ice Blocks, Freeze and Doomsayers are all horrible for you. Try and follow the general game plan but play slightly more aggressively and you might stand a chance at winning.

Tempo Mage : Bad matchup, the pressure from Tempo Mage is too high and you will easily be ran over. Keeping Truesilver Champion should be good as it clears many of their minions. Be less greedy with your board clears as you can be bursted from a high amount of health.

Dragon Priest/ Dragon Reno Priest/ Reno Priest : Good matchup. Mulligans remain the same. Early Doomsayers can buy you plenty of time. Try and play back to back Anyfins so that you don’t allow them to play it if they happen to steal it. Your board clears are really valuable in this matchup as well as their only pressure involves the board. You can also throw in your Murloc Warleader into a Wild Pyromancer + Equality combo to suicide it to play around them entombing your Murloc Warleader.

Miracle/ Malygos Rogue : Bad matchup, their minion pressure + burst is too tough for us to handle. If they decide to go all in by dumping their hand into a concealed board, a Wild Pyromancer/ Consecration + Equality can win you the game. You can keep Aldor Peacekeeper if you already have a few card draw cards.

Aggro Shaman : Horrible matchup. Keep Equality/ Wild Pyromancer instead of Finja. You need to swing the board back to your favor early with your board clears and heal as soon as possible while building a board to try to end the game as soon as possible before you get killed by burn. You will need a perfect hand to win this matchup.

Mid Range Shaman : Good matchup. Unlike aggro shaman, you have a lot more time to look for your board clears. Keeping Equality/ Wild Pyromancer is needed as well as once you clear the board once, you should be ahead from there.

Renolock : Good matchup, they have minimal pressure so you have plenty of time to draw your deck. Keeping Aldor Peacekeeper is good for their turn 4 play. Be greedy with your board clear and try to combo it with Doomsayer to gain immediate initiative.

Zoolock : Good matchup, just like Mid Range Shaman, getting board wins you the game. Mulligans remain the same despite this as Zoolocks can easily rebuild the board.

Pirate/ Dragon Warrior : Horrible matchup, similar to Aggro Shaman. Mulligans remain the same except for Finja, hard mulligan for card draw and Doomsayers.

The power of Finja, the Flying Star!

The power of Finja, The Flying Star!