Is Hamster the Hero We Need For Blizzcon?


Hamster, known as  哈姆士郎 in the China Hearthstone scene, is 1 of the 4 players from China who will be playing at Blizzcon this year. If you have not checked out the decklists of the 16 players, I would strongly encourage you to check it out here. Every player brought Midrange Shaman and Druid to the main event, but Hamster is determined to shake things up a little by including Paladin and Priest in his 5-deck lineup, just like what Fr0zen did during NA Last Call qualifier.

So who is this Hamster guy? He finished 2nd place in the final CN Championship behind OmegaZero, securing the final ticket to Blizzcon. In the post-match interview, he revealed that it was his first time standing on the big stage. He intended to put up a good show and leave a huge impression by bringing non-tier 1 decks, so even if he loses, at least people will see him as someone with his own deckbuilding ideas. If he managed to win, it would demonstrate that he is indeed a player with skills, so it is a win-win situation in his eyes.

Hamster VS OmegaZero in CN Championship

He fought his way to the grand finals of the CN Championship, and was even up 3-1 against OmegaZero at one point. Then, Yogg happened and he proceeded to lose the series and had to settle for 2nd place. (The Yogg action happens at 58:26 of the video)


Condolences to Hamster, getting hit by a sick Yogg

Moving forward, let’s take a look at Hamster’s lineup for Blizzcon group stage.

Token Druid with no Feral Rage, 2 Ancient of War and Ragnaros

Anyfin Paladin with the full Nzoth package (Cairne, Sylvanas and Tirion), double Ivory Knight Lay on Hands

Nzoth Priest again with full Nzoth package (double Museum Curator, double Shifting Shade, Cairne, Sylvanas), double Entomb and double Thoughtsteal

Midrange Shaman running only 1 Lightning Storm, double Fire Elemental, Bloodlust and Ragnaros

Cthun Warrior with only 1 Shield Block, Brann with Elise AND Doomcaller along with Gorehowl

Hamster’s lineup can only be described with a single word: GREEDY. It’s apparent that his game plan is to target Control Warrior by bringing 5 greedy decks and overwhelming his opponent. Fr0zen himself has tried to do the same during NA Last Call, but fell short with his ultra greedy Unicorn Priest and dashed every fan’s dream. Although he is a relatively unknown name to the western scene, when decklists were revealed a few days ago, there are definitely people showing their support for Hamster on Reddit.

Hamster Blizzcon

The people’s champion in the making?

Will Hamster rise to the occasion and beat those who chose to stick to the tested and proven decks with his unorthodox lineup containing the lone Paladin and Priest classes? I cannot say for sure, but I will definitely be rooting for him as the underdog.

Is Hamster the Hero We Need For Blizzcon?

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