America Last Call Qualifier: Evaluating Fr0zen’s unicorn priest



hctThe America Last call Qualifier is happening this weekend, starting Saturday 15th Oct at 9:00PT (12:00ET or Saturday 12 midnight for Singapore folks).

The decklists were released few days back – you can check them out here,  and Fr0zen is taking world by storm by bringing a Priest deck! It is common knowledge that Priest is in a bad position now, frequently bouncing between bad and meme tier according to vS Data Reaper Report or Tempostorm Meta Snapshot Report.

Fr0zen Unicorn Priest Decklist

Fr0zen Unicorn Priest
Fr0zen’s Unicorn Priest (Inspired by Zetalot?)

This deck is built specifically to counter the Control Warrior (which have risen in popularity after the Execute nerf). Some key cards to win the matchup –

  • 2 entomb to increase deck size and win in fatigue battles
  • 2 mind control to instantly gain 2 for 1, potentially useful if the Control Warrior decides to YOLO Golden Monkey and gets high value legendaries
  • Sideshow spelleater to copy armor up/tank up so that the health/armor total can be equal as opponent if it’s C’Thun Warrior

How good is this in practice?

Apxvoid, Fr0zen’s practice partner, claimed that the it is close to impossible to beat the Priest list as a Control Warrior. Also, the guy piloting the deck this weekend also claimed that it is about 80% against C’Thun Warrior.

Apxvoid – Fr0zen’s training partner
Words from the man himself

How good is this against decks like Zoo or Shaman?

Axel, our resident Hearthstone dude, shared with us that the Priest is decent against Zoo and Shaman with 1 Wild Pyromancer, 2 Excavated Evil, 1 Holy Nova and 2 Auchenai Circle combo. However, he mentions that this Priest list still loses to combo and OTK decks such as Freeze Mage, Miracle Rogue and Malygos Druid.

Things are looking good at Fr0zen at the moment, with 3 others players in his side of the bracket bringing some form of Control Warrior. And if noblord reaches the final, his strategy of hard countering Control Warrior might work out perfectly.

America Last call brackets
America Last Call Qualifier Brackets

Will you be rooting for Fr0zen this weekend? Count me in because I will be!

What will Fr0zen be this weekend?

Image credits: Axel, Blizzard

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